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        Founded in 1997, 800 TeleServices provides a comprehensive range of outsourcing call-center and E-Commerce solutions to some of the world's top fortune 500 and famous enterprises in China. We anchor in Greater China with a strong understanding of Asian markets and societies, and we have experience, regional capacity and suite of services. Our combination of proven processes, technologies and people is the answer to your needs.

        Outstanding Performance

        Products & Services

        Call Center Outsourcing Services
        Our service scopes covering Customer Care and Retention, Revenue Generation, Technical Helpdesk Support, Back Office Services Solutions, off shore call center outsourcing services and IVR or CRM system solution.

        Professional Services
        Our professional service solutions are designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your contact center to meet service targets.

        E-Commerce Outsourcing Services
        Being one of the first batch of TaoBao partnerships, 800 TeleServices is able to leverage more resources and support from the TaoBao businesses platform and to assist our clients to win more end-users.

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        Contact Us
        800 TeleServices (Shanghai) Marketing Consulting Co.Ltd.(Headquarters)
        4~5/F, No.120, Lane 91, E`shan Road, Pudong District, Shanghai
        : 86-21-5820 2288
        : 86-21-5820 2773
        : main@800Teleservices.com
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