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            Products & Services
        · Competitiveness
        · Call Center Services
        · Professional Services
        · E-Commerce

        Anchored in the Asia-Pacific region with a presence in Shanghai, Kunshan, Quanzhou, Hong Kong and Taipei ,800 TeleServices aims to offer your company, whether multinational or local, a variety of outsource customer interaction solutions covering each stage of the customer life sequence – Customer Care and Retention, Revenue Generation, Technical Helpdesk Support, Back Office Services and Callcenter Outsourcing we called it as “Callcenter Outsourcing China”Solutions.

        We fully understand that there is not a single solution that can fulfill the stringent demands of every business in today’s increasingly competitive world. As such, 800 TeleServices designs “Callcenter Outsourcing China” solutions by leveraging on market-ready and previously successful methodologies with a focus on your business goals, strategic objectives and future plans.

        800 TeleServices serves leading global brands in extremely competitive industries including logistics, telecommunications, financial services, technology, e-commerce and consumer electronics. Being a leading callcenter outsouring services provider in China, 800 TeleServices offers exceptional quality of service combined with the breadth and depth of our regional callcenter experience which enables us to competently serve all market segments while providing you with the means to effectively reduce costs and improve operational performance.

        No matter what industry you are in, at the end of the day, your degree of success is largely governed by how well customers perceive your service. 800 TeleServices Callcenter Outsourcing China solution has what it takes to relate to your customers with the personal context and relevance that make every customer experience positive and productive.

        Customer Care and Retention of Callcenter Outsourcing China services

        Every contact you have with a customer is an opportunity to build upon that relationship. Thus, optimizing each customer contact is the key for business success. A well-handled complaint can become a positive experience in the eyes of the customer in China; a request for information can be converted into a successful sales, an account inquiry can be an opportunity to enrich your database profile. At 800 TeleServices, our “Callcenter Outsourcing China” solution strive to add value to each communication with your customers, focuses on enhancing the customer experience by providing consistent service delivery across all customer contacts.

            Our Callcenter Outsourcing services available    Our partial client list
        • Post sales customer care support
        • User account management support
        • Billing inquiry and adjustment
        • Repair warranty inquiry support
        • Refunds management
        • Service retention and renewals
        • Welcome call or other client initiated information calls
        • Customer satisfaction surveys
        • Loyalty clubs
        • Complaint and issue resolution
        • Live chat support
        • Directory assistance
        • Service order or order cancellation
        • Debt recovery
        • One of global largest logistic companies
        • One of the top mobile phone manufacturers
        • Japan leader in consumer electronics manufacturing
        • One of the top 3 global leading banks
        • Global leader in business document services & supplies
        • One of the most recognized internet portal in the world
        • A fortune 200 drugs, biotechnology and pharmaceutical company
        • One of global leading smart phone manufacturers
        • One of Italy and Europe leading cruise lines
        • Leader in C-to-C business portal in China
        • One of the global leaders in kitchen and bath product
        • One of the world most prestigious credit card issuer

        Revenue Generation of Callcenter Outsourcing China services

        In nowadays fierce competitive market environment, no business can survive without a regular flow of new sales leads. 800 TeleServices “Callcenter Outsourcing China solution” sees every customer contact as an opportunity to build a lasting and profitable relationship, and strive to surpass client sales targets while reducing overall acquisition costs. In 800 TeleServices, the foundation of our success model is based on our extensive understanding of Asia culture; together with proven result driven operation management methodology; coupled with our systematic, behavioral based approach for sales agent coaching, training, and evaluation. This enables you to effectively and economically target, acquire, develop and retain high-value customers.

           Our Callcenter Outsourcing services available    Our partial client list
        • Inbound and outbound sales conversion
        • Product information requests
        • Real time quotation support
        • Sales order taking and processing
        • Lead generation / appointment booking service
        • Up-sell and cross-sell programs
        • Direct TV response support
        • Subscription renewals
        • Business-to-business sales solutions
        • Customer win back program
        • Database cleaning and updating
        • Two of the top 5 global insurance companies
        • One of global leading credit card companies
        • One of Hong Kong leading telecommunication service providers
        • One of global largest logistic companies
        • One of the top mobile phone manufacturers in the world
        • Japan leader in consumer electronics manufacturing
        • A fortune 200 drugs, biotechnology and pharmaceutical company
        • One of Italy and Europe leading cruise lines

        Technical Helpdesk Support of Callcenter Outsourcing China services

        Because of an increasing dependence on technology in nowadays society, the quality of support a technology customer receive is just as important as the quality of the product itself, thus effective technical support is a major tool of customer care and can bring you a decisive competitive advantage.
        In 800 TeleServices, “Callcenter Outsourcing China“ solution understand technical support requires more than just technical skill. It requires solving customer issues with competent and courteous customer service manner. Customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction, dispatch rate and first call resolution are all key value drivers of our performance matrix. We employ highly knowledgeable, educated technical support staff, tailor consistent processes governing all aspects of call center management and focus on achieving measurable, total customer satisfaction for your business.

           Our Callcenter Outsourcing services available    Our partial client list
        • Level 1 and 2 technical support
        • Troubleshooting
        • Computer hardware problems diagnosis
        • Software problems diagnosis
        • Application usage support
        • Technical help desk support
        • Escalated case trouble ticket management
        • Warranty support
        • Web chat support
        • Global leader in antivirus software and intrusion prevention solution
        • One of the global leader in computer peripheral and accessory
        • One of global leading smart phone manufacturers
        • Japan leader in consumer electronics manufacturing

        Back Office Services Solutions of Callcenter Outsourcing China services

        800 TeleServices understand back office services form a critical part of the total customer experience. To adhere to our company motto "Connecting Customer", we, together with our business partners, offer a complete suite of back office solution, aim to provide you a one-stop outsourcing service solution so that you can capture the Asia and China market in a hassle-free and effective manner.

           Our Callcenter Outsourcing services available    Our partial client list
        • Warehouse management
        • Sales order processing and fulfilling services
        • Inventory control and management support
        • Courier logistic dispatch management support
        • Returns good management services
        • Catalog fulfilling support
        • Direct mail / catalog printing and fulfillment service
        • Mail insert service
        • Payment processing service
        • Payment collection via "Cash-On-Delivery" model
        • Human resource management service – On-site installation support team
        • Human resource management service – Retail customer service team
        • Human resource management service – Direct sales team and product promoter
        • Data entry services
        • A fortune 200 drugs, biotechnology and pharmaceutical company
        • One of Italy and Europe's leading cruise lines
        • One of the United Kingdom's leading insurance companies
        • A China company focused on lingerie sales
        • A China company focused on Korean cosmetic product sales

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